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Are you a proud owner of a new business idea? Struggling to get a professional to design a logo personalized for you? Thinking about marketing your business through social media and building a website along with it?

Do not look too far.The Splendid starter package is just the one for you. An all-inclusive package to cater to all your needs.

Why choose us? We have a team of professions who will be at your back and call providing you the best for your startup. Who wouldn’t want that?


Kes 46,500

  • Logo design (3 logo samples, letter head design, business card design)
  • Website (4 page website, domain name, hosting, 1 web banner design, unlimited professional emails, Basic SEO, social media integration)
  • Company profile
  • Digital strategy (SWOT analysis, marketing persona, brand positioning + voice, objectives and deliverables)
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook & Instagram management, 8 posts a month, video and photography sessions, 2 marketing campaign worth Kes 2,000, managing post engagement and digital communication, prepare report, leads database and insight.)
  • Delivery period 40 days


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Every business requires its own digital approach. What is yours? Why not tell us more about your business so we can help you find out yours? We acknowledge your need for professional experience on how to excel your business digitally while also equipping you with the current business knowledge and practices. Join us and success will be ahead waiting for you!